DIARIES OF AN INSTAGRAM HUSBAND | videos by @piamuehlenbeck

Our favourite couple is back and we don’t want you to miss out on their hilarious travel vlogs. Doesn’t every social media savvy girl secretly dream of the perfect Instagram-husband? But having

THAILAND TRAVEL DIARY | by @annietarasova

 “This trip was filled with beautiful memories and laughter, and will be remembered for a long, long time.” Annie Tarasova x The Asia Collective Day 1 – Angsana Laguna Resort

TRAVELLING THE PHILIPPINES | videos by @piamuehlenbeck

18 hours stuck in Kuala Lumpur airport will turn anyone a bit loopy… Watch the hilarious videos of Pia and Kane below and if you want more – we know

BALI TRAVEL DIARY | by @ellemorrisxo

“During our stay at Semara Beach House we hardly left and if you stay there and experience the magic of it, you will understand why!” Elouise Morris x The Asia

THE LIFE OF A TRAVEL BLOGGER – Insights from @sjanaelise

Doesn’t everyone dream of becoming a travel blogger? Well as we sit back in The Asia Collective office, wanderlusting over our lifestyle influencers’ incredible travel photos daily, we find it

VITAMIN SEA MALDIVES | by @sjanaelise

That indescribable feeling of muting out reality, silencing stress and disappearing beneath the surface.. Saltwater rushing through your hair, the sun on your back, light streams piercing through the surface


“I literally had to pick my jaw up off the sand and wipe the tears of happiness streaming down my cheeks.” Katherine Gaskin x The Asia Collective COCONUT TREE HULHUVILLA

MALDIVES TRAVEL DIARY | by @stephclairesmith

“Flying over water that looked like it had dye in it was so unbelievably magical!” Steph Claire Smith x The Asia Collective

BALI TRAVEL DIARY | by @fashionbook

“I will never forget all these wonderful villas and experiences that we got to take part of.” Fashionbook x The Asia Collective